$27.995 Million Newly Built Modern Mansion In Beverly Hills, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Thabo

    I’m starting to like modern homes more then traditional

  • Daniel

    Love it. Perfect style of home considering the location and view. Needs some good art and you have a perfect home. Seems pricey though.

  • Andrew

    Very nice; decor has just enough detail and variation to make it interesting.

  • horselips

    $28 Million! For what? The listing isn’t crowing about acreage, so there probably isn’t much land. Certainly not for the visible materials used – nothing but big panes of glass, drywall, some veneered plywood sheets, a few cultured marble panels, some cabinetry, and a semi-truck full of ceiling light cans. Nice flooring here and there. The 2 car garage (whoopee) is a joke. Or maybe an insult. or maybe the builder was an eco-chondriac Green Party community organizer cyclist who hates cars.

    The whole steaming 9,400 sq. ft. pile couldn’t possibly have cost more than a million or two to build. Even using organized labor at union scale. You can only milk ‘location-location-location’ for so much – not nearly for this much.

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