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  • Chris

    The Bridle Path mansion that was posted recently and listed for $8 million more was a lot better a house than this.

    • horselips

      For $8 million more, over twice the price, it should be a lot better. Ya think? Anyway, I like this house. I like it a lot. It’s big for the price, very nicely embellished with obvious, tasteful restraint – the only problem is it’s in Canada. They have winter there (Brrrr). And extreme gun control. Build this in a free state and I’d like it even more.

      • EnPassant

        Winters aren’t really all THAT bad. Their latitude is the same as the geographical center of South Dakota.

        • horselips

          When you live in Tucson, anything from Flagstaff up, except the high desert of Nevada, is within the Arctic circle.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    Markham is not a wealthy neighborhood at all. Along with Scarborough, it is home to a vast community of Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi and East Indian labor. Nothing wrong with that – Markham is just not the place where you’d expect to see a $ 6 million plus house. Let’s see what the final selling price for this home is.

  • Anil Ambani

    You really don’t know what your talking about, Markhan is a very affluent area with more mansions than you clearly know of, just go around cachet,Jennings gate and major Mack etc and it will become evident to you, in fact parts of markham such as Cachet are home more ultra high net worth individuals and those of noble blood than clearly your aware of, as for the immigrant remark, the plebeians in this town are of mostly Chinese descent or are white.

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