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  • Mak

    Two words: Tex ASS

  • Chris

    Phenomenal location on Billionaire’s Row in Preston Hollow and the exterior isn’t too bad but the interior is a nightmare.

  • horselips

    The exterior elevation, gazebos, porches, patios, verandas and grounds are exquisite. There are so many gorgeous interior rooms it would be nitpicking to whine about the ones I don’t like. I especially like the bar in the ‘club’ room in pics 8 & 9, and the breakfast room in picture 6. The furniture is tastefully period-correct and that piano in the foyer is magnificent. I hope that spectacular wine cellar is stocked with Boone’s Farm, Thunderbird, and Two & Three-Buck Chuck – buying that much quality booze would be $$$.

    The icing on the cake – it’s not located in the PRC, New England or NY, or Illinois. That alone makes it extremely desirable.

  • Grrrowler

    “Replica of The White House”. That alone is enough to hate it. The White House is the White House and it should be THE White House. These people with delusions of grandeur need to stop trying to convince themselves of their importance. The exterior is just awful. Who would want to live in a replica of a government office building, albeit a government office building with a private residence in it?

    The interior has some potential. I don’t mean the furnishings; those are heinous. But, underneath all that tackiness there are some nice spaces with lovely architectural details. It’s just too bad that the potential is locked inside the embarrassing exterior.

  • Daniel

    Probably one of the better White House replicas out there. I was prepared to hate it but it honestly isn’t bad at all. The exterior doesn’t have that flimsy feel we see all too often with this style. That’s especially true with the rear facade. As for the interior, if you remove all the furniture and paint all the walls white as a starting coat, you have plenty to work with. I just hate the way the living room ceiling blends into the wall without any crown molding; that would be appropriate for a pueblo or Mediterranean home, not something as classical as this. I think that’s the biggest sin with this place – the interior belongs in a different home.

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