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  • Daniel

    This home lingered on the market for a good year or so around the same asking price, and finally sold for $6.8 million in March of 2010. Nothing new since then, and even the furnishings are the same. I’m curious what warrants the $12 million markup in 4 years, because it certainly isn’t the Boca home market. This home will sell for just under $10 million. This type of contemporary home is hard to sell in Boca. In Miami, it would be perfect.

    With that said, I do like the house. I even like some of the furnishings. It just is not worth anywhere near the asking price.

    • Teddi

      Agreed. No way are they getting $19 million. I’ve seen larger ICW mansions sit on the market for ages until the asking price drops below $10 million. And those were traditional enough to cater to the blue haireds.

  • horselips

    While I generally hate modern décor, I find the blue & white living room with the giant windows and the yacht very comfortable. It screams, “I’m richer than sh!t and you’d better believe it,” as the home of any wealthy person should – or why bother? Screw false modesty. If you’re going to look modest, you might as well be poor. The rest is not as sterile and ruthless as some other modern houses – at least, thankfully, it’s not all gray. LOL, it’s just almost all white. Quoting Hillary, “What difference does it make?”

    I guess a big part of the asking price is its waterfront location, providing convenient access to your boat. Heck, not having to pay outrageous docking fees in a marina is a big plus.

    Daniel is right – the price is a joke. I wouldn’t even pay anything close to $6.8 million for this pile.

    • Barney

      Ummmm, Very interesting viewpoint you have on what you refer to as “false modesty”.

  • RickAce

    When I look at this home what comes to mind is “Miami Vice”.

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