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  • limedaiquar

    Indoor Koi pond….. Wonder what Mak thinks.

  • Daniel

    That koi pond better be cleaned frequently and not have any leaks. Imagine the stench if the pump broke. Mold too. Favorite part of the whole house are the front doors.

  • horselips

    The oriental accents are thankfully restrained, lest the place end up looking like some Chinese all-you-can-eat buffets around here that are decorated in full-retard-Ming. The house seems to have it all, as it should with 16,000 sq ft available to pack it all in to. I really like the staircase from the second floor right into the covered patio.

    I would imagine it will take a very special buyer to plunk down the $7.8 million for this shack – the unusual décor is definitely a love it or hate it proposition. I see little or no middle ground.

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