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  • Daniel

    If Zsa Zsa Gabor had a long lost sister (not Eva or Magda) that grew up in Jersey, this is where she would live. Restraint is a word the homeowners never heard of.

  • Barney

    The word “HEINOUS” doesn’t even BEGIN to scratch the surface of this NIGHTMARISH HORROR.

  • Amy

    Why so many bathrooms but only 5 bedrooms? Who the heck needs that many bathrooms in the home?

  • Grrrowler

    Proof again that money can’t buy taste. I think the New York School of Interior Design should buy this and use to create a semester-long course in what not to do. If interior design students had to live here for months, they’d learn quickly to never create anything like this. It’d be a kind of “scared tasteful” program.

  • Mak

    Well, it’s over for old money. It’s really over.

    There was a time when you could tell that a house had a certain kind of person living in it (an old money person) because they had what no other big expensive houses had. There was a time when people of a certain class could tell if you were of the same class or not. There was a time, when things were right; when things were black and white, when things were SETTLED. Everyone knew who was really old money or not.

    So…now that’s all gone. In an instant, things have changed. Life will never be the same.

    “Why is this?” you might ask. “Why have things gone so wrong??”

    The thing that has taken us to this new socially difficult place is the koi pond.

    Yes, the koi pond.

    There was a time when koi ponds were for the really really rich people; the OLD rich people. Koi are like family treasures, to be passed down from father to son, from patriarch to his successor. Koi are OLD fish, and they get that way because rich (I mean really really rich) people have people to take care of their fish forever. They have household staff that have been with the family since time immemorial, and have only one responsibility; take care of the koi.

    But now…NOW we have the newly rich, the pretentious, self styled “do anything they damn well please” rich who have gotten into the koi game, and they’ve RUINED it. Now, no longer can my old uncle Noel, who has rugs in his house older then the United States, take lunch at the club without running into someone who want’s to talk koi. He’s in his 80’s and there’s not much pleasure in his world anymore, but the thing he LEAST likes (besides a club waitress showing too little bazzooom) is some neo rich person pulling up a chair on the veranda and proceeding to give a speech about the virtues of koi ownership. He finds it a terrible bore.

    Is there nothing sacred anymore? Is there no decency in the world? Have all good things gone in the wind?

    It’s a damn shame, I tell you; a damn shame.

    • Grrrowler

      First off, props for having the bravery to post such a long comment on the site. I’m very glad it didn’t get eaten, as so many comments before have been.

      I do have to say that it IS obvious what kind of person lives in this house. Like grand houses of the past, anyone looking at this will be very aware of the class of people who own this. It’s just that it’s the wrong kind of people.

      As for the koi, it’s tragic but they are the new beta fish. Anyone with a puddle of water and a few dollars can have koi. It won’t be long before the Wal-Mart is selling them, although theirs won’t live very long. Then again, it wouldn’t surprise me if people who lives in houses like this raise their koi for food.

      • Teddi

        I agree with Grrrowler. It’s very clear the type of people who live here. That’s not even in question. This was not built by anyone who has a drop of blue blood running through their veins. But, nor are they even Beverly Hillbillies-type of nouveau riche. These are people who came from nothing and who now have a deep-seated, pathological need to let EVERYONE know that they’ve made it big. There’s no subtlety. This is a slap you upside the head, screaming in your face “I’m loaded and you better acknowledge it!!!!” house.

        Not to worry, Mak. There will always be a discernible line separating old money from new. Just as it’s often easy to tell the difference between a self made man from a trust fund baby. Both class distinctions have their positives and negatives, but when the new money builds things like this, it’s easy to see why ‘nouveau riche’ has a negative connotation.

        • Mak

          “Both class distinctions have their positives and negatives, but when the new money builds things like this, it’s easy to see why ‘nouveau riche’ has a negative connotation.”

          So true Teddi…so true…

  • Mak

    Hah! Yes, the post went through, but my secret is that I first write it out on a yellow legal pad and then cut and paste it onto my computer screen.

    I was wondering…are you from old money yourself? You seem so cultured and, dare I say it, understanding, of the issues facing us. Are you a kindred spirit?

    There are so FEW of us left these days…

    • Grrrowler

      My family’s money is so old that it’s dead and gone.

      • Mak


  • tlca

    NO!!! Just no and maybe even HELL NO!!

  • RickAce

    I could be wrong but it looks like the interior was designed for a middle eastern client. YUK.

    • Teddi

      I think that’s an insult to all Middle Easterners. This is even an insult to Russians. And yet, I am not the least bit surprised to find this in New Jersey. Jersey or Texas contain the only people who would inflict a house like this on the world. There must be something in the water.

  • John L.

    Blow it up. The entire thing. Leave no evidence that it ever existed.

    • Ruby M. Robinson

      So funny, I love it!

  • horselips

    OK, so this palace’s elevation and interior are done in a baroque-rococo style. Yes, to many American eyes it is outlandish, braggadocious, and to those who actually believe in the preposterous notion that all men are created equal, it might even be offensive. But then, who cares what the little people think; their presumptuous, exaggerated, self-righteous modesty fools, reassures, and comforts no one but themselves.

    The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles is admired as a masterpiece of the baroque. Ludwig II’s virtual duplication at Linderhof is suddenly in questionable taste. Unless you were intimate with the details of both, if you were shown a picture of one and told it was the other, you’d never know the difference. Who’s kidding whom?

    This palace is a monument to wild extravagance, embellished with (drug induced?) utter abandon, with extremes seeming to be the goal and objective. Does it succeed in being extreme? Yes, in spades. Could it have been done better? Of course. But very few have attempted to build stuff like this for over a hundred years or so, it is understandable that we’re out of practice.

    The skills and craftsmanship in carpentry and masonry and stucco and plaster work and ironwork needed to achieve this effect is rare and expensive. The furnishings are equally so. Whether I like it or not, I respect it.

    This is a building out of time, out of place, and reflecting of a philosophy and ethic completely out of fashion with the times, minds, and sensitivities of today. Would I buy it? No. For better or worse, I too am a product of the Age I live in. For my taste, a lot ‘less’ would be ‘more.’

  • ulackfocus

    Please tell me I’m hallucinating TWIN STAIRCASES into the Game Room!!!
    Just when you think you’ve seen everything….

    • horselips

      Of course there are twin staircases to the game room. What if you’re on one side of the room above, and you decide you want to play a game, and there was only one staircase, and it was on the other side? Do you seriously expect the owner or guest to have to travel across the entire upstairs room to get to the stairs? BTW, I’ll bet the elevator goes there too. If the house was designed right, there would be two elevators – one might be busy going the wrong direction. Life’s a b!tch.

  • Emmanuel

    Too much of everything in this unrestrained rococo monstruosity! And the “mediterranean” style exterior looks out of place in New Jersey. Some moneyed people should get an education in taste. This is just “n’importe quoi” as the French say.

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