Location: The Bishop’s Avenue, London, England, UK

Square Footage: 14,728

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 9 bedrooms & 11 bathrooms

Price: £15,750,000 or $26,835,007

This gated brick mansion is located on The Bishop’s Avenue in London, England, UK. It was built in 2003 and features approximately 14,728 square feet of living space on 4 floors. The 1st floor features a 2-story foyer with sweeping staircase, elevator, powder room, formal living & dining rooms, great room, family room and a home office. The 2nd floor features the master suite and 4 additional bedroom suites. The 3rd floor features 2 more bedroom suites. The lower level features a gourmet kitchen, 2 staff bedrooms with a bathroom, 2 powder rooms, laundry room, gym with steam room and sauna, indoor swimming pool with spa and a subterranean garage with lift. Outdoor features include terraces and a patio.


  • Grrrowler

    The Bishops Avenue seem to be, anymore, where tasteful English style goes to die.


  • horselips

    That big indoor pool is gorgeous, but there are lots of problems here. First is scale. Very large rooms require very tall ceilings, otherwise they become claustrophobic, even a bit crushed. Also, heavily decorated ceilings need to be at least double height to have the proper effect.

    Next, the kitchen. An open kitchen, with big windows, is a delight to work in, to have friends in – it’s a part of how we live and entertain today. Friends that cook together stay together. This kitchen is exiled, in a dark underground room, a floor below the dining room (WTF!), and with no informal breakfast or morning room to enjoy the start of the day.

    Next, the bathrooms. In a mansion-class home, especially in the master bathroom, the commode and bidet should be in their own closed room. M’lady doesn’t need to see me taking a dump while she’s taking a bath. And those showers – they’re all small, most are tiny little cubicles. A great house should have at least one great shower – a big, walk-in thing with multiple nozzles, shelving for toys, soaps, shampoos and sponges and even seating for you and a few of your closer friends…with benefits.

    Next, the outdoor facilities. Well, aside from a couple of upstairs terraces, there aren’t any. No big covered verandas. No outdoor kitchen. Not even a BBQ.

    Next, the garage – completely inadequate for the needs of a $26 million estate. And look where it’s at – far from the kitchen and inconvenient to every part of the house. No porte cochere for sheltering arriving or departing guests and their vehicles in inclement weather.

    This is not an easy house to live in, a downright difficult house to entertain in, overall, a very uncomfortable dwelling, poorly designed, with little thought given to layouts and features now considered to be necessary givens, and standard equipment found even in most entry-level tract houses.


    • Mak

      I agree with everything you said HL…especially about the kitchen. I cannot understand putting it where they did, unless they expect the family to have chef/kitchen staff to shuttle the food upstairs for every meal. But even very rich people like to have a casual meal now and then without having someone in the way.