£12.5 Million 5 Floor Brick Mansion In London, England | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    For $21 million, inner city town house or not, getting that middle car out of the garage is a pain. And what’s with that primitive master bathroom-with over 9,000 square feet to work with, they couldn’t enclose the toilet and bidet in a separate, private compartment?

    As usual, it’s a cold-blooded, ruthless and dispassionate modern décor, done in shades of gray – must be the ‘thing’ over there just like earth tones are the ‘thing’ over here. I can’t count how many American mansions are done in shades of beige. With godawful plain white ceilings, pock-marked with inset lighting canisters.

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