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  • Andrew

    Sci-fi/Italianate interiors? Why not – works for me! Certainly this is something different.

  • Daniel

    Smallest 100,000 square-foot estate I’ve ever seen (rendered). The interior feels like a giant condo. Absolutely no drama whatsoever. Exterior is ludicrous. Looks like a newly built rental community. Give me the Sussman house over this any day.

  • John L.

    I figured this home would never be completed. And what a mess it is inside!

    I will have to google what is happening with the original owner, Jason Hope.

  • horselips

    Unless you style a house this size with a perfectly symmetrical elevation, like Buckingham or Schonbrunn Palace, you’re going to end up with it looking like an apartment complex.

    A house this extreme is no less outrageous than the worst baroque iterations so often criticized in comments. It is as “in your face” as any other residence this size, despite the décor. No visitor or guest to this place will ever sense any restraint or modesty in his host, and will immediately know his station immediately he crosses the threshold. Judging by the cold-blooded décor,he might also suspect his host is a 21st century vampire.

    All that said, I loathe the interior as much as the exterior. I see vast open areas but no real rooms. The interior design is an eyesore, a monument to sterility, unrelieved by area after area of same ol’, same ol’. The only color comes from differing shades of stone and wood. Trying to incorporate columns and arches just results in disproportionate disconnection. It is dystopia! Picture 11, part of the swimming pool (?), looks like a stretch of canal out of the Central Arizona Project.

    The only good thing I can say for this house is that it made a lot of jobs for a lot of people building it, and hopefully, Scottsdale will tax it to death.

    • Emmanuel

      I totally agree with you… this is wasted money.

  • nate

    Who do I gotta…..*@%$ do get a hold of the floor plans!!!!

  • Chris Kohler

    The Altman Brothers, from “Million Dollar Listing LA”… interesting. This is the second time one of their projects was on here. I wonder whether it will be featured on the next season of the show.

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