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  • Daniel

    If you’re going to use the same flooring throughout the whole house, at least pick something remotely attractive.

    • Teddi

      Regardless of how great any flooring looks, I’m against using it in every single bloody room in the same house. That’s just plain lazy. The fact that the floors are godawful doesn’t help, but at least I was distracted by the R2-D2 inspired light fixtures.

  • Brian

    Hi Kenny,

    I can’t really see the slideshows lately, as they essentially don’t load at all. But I know you aren’t the programmer…

    About the house/mansion/hot mess: Very amateur design, I bet you could do better. Or me. They could design this style well during the Victorian era, but virtually no contemporary architect could carry it off. At least not this one. At least have the decency to conceal it with a bunch of palm or eucalyptus trees.

  • RickAce

    Boy… in regards to the flooring… you would need “wet floor” signs placed everywhere! A note to friends and family: Please, by all means, bring your ice skates.

  • horselips

    Wonderful! Iberian interpretations of Yuropian architecture has always been corrupted by a little lingering Moorish influence, and in this case, we have a décor that is refreshingly different, bordering on bona fide creative. I have no problem with the flooring – anything, even scored and colored concrete beats wood. The elevation can be defined as “fun.” It’s whimsical, romantic and interesting, in the way the Royal Pavilion at Brighton is. I can’t speak for the floorplan, nevertheless, it looks like a great place to live.

    • Daniel

      …so I’m gonna save the jokes because I can tell you are actually serious with this literacy rate and not just joking..

      1) It’s European, not Yuropian..

      2) The rest of your comment barely made any sense at all..dicklips..

      • Daniel

        Awesome! Been a while since I’ve irked an impostor!

        • horselips

          Does this mean you really don’t like the house?

  • Andrew

    There is not a single thing I like here, not even the pool because they ruined it with what appears to be a footbridge lifted from some train station. Those floors are very appropriate in this home because this is indeed a pile of … brown.

    • Gotterdaemerung

      That pool bridge is a hoot. Can’t wait to come back in 10 or 15 years and see how many flakes of rusty paint have fallen into the pool.
      And yes- the slideshow feature is being very stubborn here too.

    • Grrrowler

      The footbridge is clearly necessary, since no one in their right mind would step foot into that disgusting green pool. It’s much safer to go over that than through it.

      • Teddi


    • Teddi

      Andrew, I applaud you for making it that far. I gave up once I got to the master bedroom. Then I read your post and had to click through.

      It’s a pity, we rarely see Portuguese mansions. I expected better from a people with such a vibrant history.

  • Grrrowler

    It looks more like a mosque (sans minaret) than a house. The multi-purpose room in pic 4 looks like a perfect place for a wedding reception. The barstools in pic 6 are identical to those at the local Vietnamese restaurant I go to. They’re fine for the occasional banh mi, but not in a private house.

  • NOVA Ben

    My mouth just kind of hung open the entire time I went through this slideshow. I have so many thoughts but I’ll keep it brief:

    – That flooring is soooooo bad I want to cry
    – I’d like to pretend the pic of the kitchen is really just a catering kitchen and not the main one, but I know better.
    – Those damn light fixtures are distracting
    – Exactly how large is the customer base for 5-million-euro Oriental-inspired hot messes in Portugal?

    This place just kind of makes me sad. I must have picked a dry spell in tasteful houses to make my return to this site 😉

  • Mak

    Looks like someone really loved the movie Alladin.

  • T Man

    Well, they tried. Failed, but they tried.

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