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  • Daniel

    This is more an atelier than a home in my eyes. I can see a fashionista picking this up and using it as a showroom/live-in space.

  • horselips

    It’s big, and that’s it. Location totally sucks. NYC has its appeal to some, but for 40 million, I want a little more than an oversized zero lot line 6 floor apartment. I wouldn’t live in Bloomberg-DeBlasio land for anything. 6 floors – and nowhere to park the goddam cars?

  • Andrew

    Layout: terrible. Furnishing: terrible. That ramp in place of staircase? I have no words. As much as I usually like this sort of conversions, I absolutely hate this one.

  • Grrrowler

    Great location, but for $40 million I would want to live overlooking the park, not just near it. The house itself is a mess and will hopefully be replaced with something actually livable. Looking at the ramp I can’t help but think of a rectangular Guggenheim Museum, but it doesn’t work here. Whoever buys this will be, in effect, buying an 8-figure teardown.

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