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    Mr. Ed, call your office! A whole lot of this estate is dedicated to horsing around, and that’s a suitable interest for the rich and famous – much more impressive than a garden-variety, every-day, indoor basketball court or outside tennis court that is de rigueur in many homes in the PRC and Florida. Even though I have no interest in keeping horses, I like this place. It oozes class inside and out. It speaks well of its owner. What a nice change of pace.

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    It is obvious that horses received ALL the attention in everything regarding this estate…people not much. What’s with that kitchen???

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    Having seen many multi-million dollar equestrian estates, the focus seems invariably to be on the horses with the main house looking like an afterthought. At least with this house there was an attempt to put some money into the mansion, though the exterior bears some resemblance to a gingerbread house and the kitchen is a joke. Once again, the horses got the better deal. However, even though I don’t love it (the decor seems confused), the estate still seems much better built and furnished than MANY equine estates in S FL.


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