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  • Daniel

    The view is great, the exterior is nice, the pool must be a lot of fun to use at night. However, there is almost nothing memorable with the interior, other than the picture window in the master bath.

  • horselips

    The last four pics give the impression this palazzo is sited on its own hill top. However, the first four pics reveal this estate has been shoehorned into a very small lot, and it’s surrounded by obviously much smaller, less expensive dwellings. If location is important, this one is an epic fail. Well, at least I’m spared the seemingly requisite tennis and basketball courts. Thank God.

    Inside, the décor is so understated I can’t hear it at all. It’s saying nothing. And that master closet – egad – how is it luxurious to have to climb up and down a flight of steps just to get dressed? Not enough room to put the whole freaking closet on one floor? I guess that lot is even tighter than I thought.

  • Caravelle

    Well, it IS on a hilltop. Neighboring W. Bellagio Rd. is 6 stories below and on the opposite side the bottom is even farther down.

    Duh!…when you’re the largest house on the hill other homes do look smaller

    I agree about the tennis court thing. Is tennis even popular enough today to make having your own court worth while? As popular as two or three generations ago?

    I don’t mind the interior at all…even the Master Closet! What I can’t see is the popularity of that tile work behind the range. Dirty, greasy grout is such a pain to keep clean.

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