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  • Tony

    All I am gonna say is that this house should be called McSpec Cardboard Mansion! Cause it looks like a cheap Mcmansion spec home and the walls look like cheap cardboard with cheap tacky moldings.

    • Grrrowler

      Cardboard doesn’t deserve the insult of being associated with this house.

      • Mak

        Oh come on you guys! There has to be SOMETHING…..

        uh…Oh My God

        That is one seriously massive eyesore.


        • Mak

          BTW, if you haven’t looked at ALL the pics on the Realtor listing, you owe it to yourself to go look. They will leave you speechless.

  • James

    Russia, China, India ???

  • Dylan

    What is the deal with the range(S) in the kitchen? Two separate units stuffed into one spot? That is ridiculous.

    This place is a disaster.

    Striped floors? Purple Ceilings? I mean come on…

    • Teddi

      I’ve seen the two ranges stuffed into one space thing before and it doesn’t ever seem normal nor does it ever get any better to observe. It’s ludicrous. I don’t get it and I never will. Why build a multi-million dollar house and equip it like a redneck doublewide?

      Whenever I see this I have to think the residents don’t know that they could get a 5 foot Wolf range or have a La Cornue custom made to exact specifications and size. Not knowing those options exist is the only way I see to justify doing this to one’s kitchen.

  • horselips

    Methinks the invoice for those cheap tacky moldings would be an eye popper. And double ranges (or one huge very ugly stainless steel commercial Hobart atrocity) are a must if one is planning large-scale entertaining. Give the caterer a break. Yes, the color scheme and lighting here and there leaves me wondering what the interior designer was thinking. I do appreciate the nicely decorated ceilings in pictures 4,5,9, 10 and 12 – decorating the ceilings is often overlooked, leaving large expanses of flat white surfaces. I do have a few issues however – first, the detached garage. Space for just 4 cars? In a home with 6 bedrooms costing over $7 million there should be room for least double that. And how do I get from the car to house in inclement weather? Is there a subterranean tunnel we don’t know about? And the ceilings, as nice as many of them are, are way too low in way too many important public rooms. They look no more than 8 or 9 feet high, 10 at the most. The architect should have arranged the floor plan to accommodate a few more rooms with two-story high ceilings. Every 16,000 square foot plan should include a few truly monumental spaces besides the foyer. Overall, 2-3 stars.

  • Tony

    @horselips, Sorry but I don’t think you do double ranges in the family kitchen for large scale entertaining. If this mansion was built with class by a company like Finton construction and this was a mega mansion built for large scale entertainment then there would be a separate commercial grade caterer’s kitchen. That’s the way you do it. You don’t make an ugly family kitchen with double ranges. You make a normal family kitchen and have a separate commercial kitchen for grand entertaining.

    • Teddi

      I agree with you, Tony…to a certain extent. If a household does a lot of entertaining, there is no excuse to not have a catering or service kitchen in a 16,000sf house. None.

      But I have seen very large La Cornue and Molteni ranges in main/family kitchens and they look fantastic. Main kitchens that double as catering kitchens are usually away from the formal entertaining areas so guests don’t see the mess or hear the noise associated with preparing for a function.
      Sorry horselips, given the options available, I can think of no logical reason why anyone would choose to do what these people have done other than they’re modern day Beverly Hillbillies.

  • mac22

    Love the tiny 6 inch high Home Depot light fixtures over the garage doors and the terrible polystyrene multi-colored mouldings and the tacky paint selections and the barf inducing furniture. How can anyone think they built themselves a dream home. Educate yourselves. Open an architectural book and see what good design really is. Hideously bad and long overdue for the bulldozer.

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