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  • Grrrowler

    Other than the wallpaper in the dining room, I really like this. It’s classic without feeling old-fashioned, and it’s modern without feeling trendy. OK, the conversation sofa in picture 6 does feel old-fashioned, but that’s easily changed.

    • Teddi

      OMG, seriously, who picked out that wallpaper? I’m flipping through the pics loving this house and then suckerpunched by that hideous wallpaper. And I’m saying that as a person who would never dream of green dining chairs, but think these actually (and surprisingly) work.

  • Emmanuel

    Put this on Cape Cod, close to a beach. Give me the keys and I won’t be looking for any other lodging for the rest of my life. Promised!

    • Teddi


  • mtmslg

    Very attractive home although I don’t quite understand the return of the railing at the end of the staircase. Kinda clunky when it should be seamless and elegant.

  • Sean

    Any idea wat the address is for this house? It’s almost completely perfect. One or two little things I don’t like, (Wallpaper in the dining room and the return railing on the main staircase), but aside from that it’s my idea of heaven.

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