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  • Andrew

    My favourite is picture 14: solid gate surrounded by… nothing.

    • Puresouthern

      I tried to post earlier and it just wouldn’t go through. Forget the gate, I just love that house in 14 and am so hoping he has more pictures of it. Although, I would almost be afraid to look inside, knowing I’ll probably be disappointed.

  • horselips

    I like Picture 9 – the gate is tall and sturdily built, and positioned so that the uninvited or unwelcome can’t even see the house. It appears to be more than merely ornamental, conveying a ‘do not enter’ attitude thus providing at least a modicum of security.

  • John

    Where is house 14 located?

    • Puresouthern

      I’m thinking Washington or Canada…?

  • Luke

    I don’t mind #16 – it’s very different, very oriental. Has anyone got more info on it? House doesn’t quite look like my style.


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