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  • Daniel

    I drove past this community for the first time in about 2 years this past weekend, and it’s becomming more and more built up. With that said, it’s still in the middle of sugar cane fields and nurseries. If you look at the aerials, more than half of the community is still nothing more than sandy, empty lots. It’ll take another decade before all the lots are sold/built on. Seriously, if you want 2+ acres of land in a secluded location, build in Le Lac.

    With that said, I really like the house. It’s a welcome change from the Mediterranean or white contemporary boxes we see so frequently in this area. Details are pretty good and the landscaping is very nice.

    However, you can’t justify the price. If I desired the type of lifestyle the community offers, I’d just go for this:


    • Teddi

      6021 Le Lace has been on the market forever. Don’t know if it’s the wallpaper or that some of the rooms need upgrading, but something is causing the non-purchase. For the size of the house and amount of land, it’s priced well, so something else isnt right.

      I agree that if you have millions and didn’t want to live on the water, Le Lac is the place to live. I actually think it’s a good thing that the area isn’t built up. Land space in well-heeled areas of PBC are going to be scarce soon. Lot prices will be sky high in another decade or two.

      • Daniel

        I think it’s because the home isn’t on one of the 3 main lakes in the community. It has it’s own pond, but I can why it isn’t as desirable as some of the other homes in the community. And taking care of a well landscaped 5+ acre home with 3 structures probably isn’t peanuts.

        As far as this home, I agree seclusion can be a desirable trait. Heck, I’ve lived in Florida all my life and only found out Le Lac existed because the WorldCom CFO was building a home there. But I can’t imagine throwing a housewarming party for my new $10 million house, only to tell the guests that yes, you are indeed going to drive through 2 miles of sugar cane fields first before you get to it. And don’t bother getting the car washed beforehand, it’s going to be covered in dead mosquitoes.

        • Teddi

          I agree all that land and all that square footage would be a hassle, but I’d hope that anyone who could afford an $11 million house would be able to afford the upkeep. A few years ago there was another estate home in Le Lac similar to this one in size and land and it didn’t sit on the market for as long as this one, and I don’t remember it being on a lake.

          In any case, I think anyone who buys property in Le Lac right now is banking on property values sky rocketing sometime in the near future and is willing to overlook all the current drawbacks. Personally, I still don’t see the point in spending that much money in PBC and not be on the water. On the intracoastal so one can hop on a boat and head out. But that’s just me.

  • Teddi

    The library, theater and outdoor areas are wonderful. House has many great spaces.

  • Grrrowler

    I really like the house itself. There are some interesting spaces and some nice details. What’s missing for me in the Delray Beach address is the beach. If I’m going to spend millions to live in Florida, I want to be on the beach, or at least on a canal adjacent to the ICW.

  • horselips

    The library/den/whatever is nice although one wonders if books are collected anymore as they once were. Perhaps it’s time to rethink, redesign, reconsider, or re-something the whole idea of the home library – keeping the space, but with some differences. Just sayin’.

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