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  • Grrrowler

    I’ve been staring at the thumbnails for 3 minutes trying to find something positive to say, and I simply can’t think of anything. It’s tacky beyond belief both inside and out. The yard could be nice, but the amphitheater is too much, the fountain surrounded columns is silly, and the pool area looks cheap.

    Oh oh oh! I did find something positive to say: The tackiness of the pool area, the yard, the exterior of the house, and the interior are all perfectly coordinated creating a cohesive theme.

    • Daniel

      I’m surprised you’re not a fan of the fireplace/baptismal font.

      • Grrrowler

        I’m afraid you may have misjudged my personal style! 🙂

        Actually, that baptismal font thing would make a really cool hot tub.

  • Daniel

    I really don’t think that garage was meant to accommodate a lift.

  • Puresouthern

    ::giggles:: I can’t help it; I love the elevator and office. The house IS tacky, but these 2 things show an imagination or someone with the ability to laugh. Sometimes you have to have a little fun in your surroundings, even if it is a mansion.

  • linda

    Somebody went to extremes to customize this home to be suited just for them! It’s so custom no one else will ever be attracted to it. You built it – you’re stuck with it. If you want to slash the price by about 5 million for someone to make renovations, give me a call. Is the guesthouse Batman, too?

  • Laurence

    The cooking area has potential. I wish there was a shot in the opposite direction. 🙁

  • horselips

    I find a lot to like here. The little ‘Batcave’ office with triple TV screens and stonework walls is cool. The amphitheater? Fine, especially if you’re entertaining a large crowd and you hired a band. Garage is awesome, especially if you like changing your own oil. I do prefer straight sided pools to amoeba-shaped winding ones – makes lap swimming easier. I’d lose that soccer field. Have some fun – replace it with a miniature golf course. And I’d fit a nice pistol range into that gigantic home gym. For Tempe Arizona, where pleasant rain-free evenings are the norm, this house is a great blend of indoor-outdoor life. The outdoor kitchen is awesome. The funky fireplace is merely eccentric and a conversation piece. I love the beautiful double front doors, and the foyer doesn’t look like it came out of my bank. The Batman motif only surfaces here and there – not a problem. 7 million is steal for a house that cost 12 million to build. That huge guest house is ideal for warehousing your senile inlaws when that time comes.

  • T Man

    This is pretty hideous. Really the nicest thing I can say about it.

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