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  • horselips

    Nice views through big picture windows, but after you’ve seen it all a few dozen times it becomes a big yawn that you’re stuck with. The only pleasure left to be had is the thrill first time visitors get. Mother Nature can only go so far in decorating a house, but this builder decided that she was on her own. Some formless, artless flat panels of highly polished wood, some rocks piled up around fireplaces, a coffered ceiling here and there, and that’s all she wrote. The Godzilla egg bathtub is the final insult. For forty-two million freakin’ dollars, there just has to be more than this.

  • Teddi

    I wish I could see where the $42 million went. When I think what a person’s income and net worth would have to be in order to be able to afford $42 million worth of house, I think one should get more than just a view. Show me something that would wow any potential buyers and that buyer’s guests. Did we not learn anything from the last housing bubble. I would think there would come a point when even a Russian oligarch would say he’s not spending this much to get that.

    Hey Grrrowler? Does Laguna Beach really warrant this overinflated price, or is it more or less the Naples of California? Nice place to live but the price isn’t worth the hype?

  • Chris Kohler

    There have been nicer, more luxurious and more exiting houses for less than 10% of the price featured on this blog.


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