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    Sigh. QLD mansions makes Australia look bad. I’m not sure why that state seems to attract abhorrent taste (though I will say that, being the tropical capital of Australia, it would bear a population most closely reminiscent of the Jersey area and its controversial inhabitants).

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    Outside, the house is OK – I like the large porte cochere and the private boat dock. Inside, not so much. I find it plain and unimpressive. But then, not knowing the square footage and the price, it’s hard to judge the whole package.

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    As an Aussie from the gold coast, I can definitely say, when it comes to mansions we have appalling taste. This house actually looked OK before they decide to remodel it, if you check out Google street view you will see it before the remodel. Lets just say, there are definitely no Landry designed mansions on the gold coast.


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