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  • Daniel

    Exterior is a bore. I’m torn with the interior. I like the contemporary vibe, but I would want some more masculine accents. Most of the rooms are too big. I hate the white ceiling contrasted with the dark wood walls in the ballroom. Favorite room in the entire house is the appropriately scaled living room with bar. Dining room is nice too.

    • Teddi

      HA! When I saw it I thought, either there is no husband in the picture, or Lisa Vanderpump used to live here.

  • Tony

    This is a hot stank mess!!! This has that cheap modern Candy brothers look. The exterior is ok. I don’t like the mixmatched stone on the exterior. In some parts the stone is smooth and in some parts the stone has a rocky brick type look. But other than that the exterior is fine. But i really hate the foyer. I hate the pink/purple carpet on the stairs. I hate the cheap and tacky wall paper in the foyer. Wall paper looks cheap to me. Its ok in a dinning room or something but not a foyer. A foyer in a house of this magnitude should have intricate and detailed expensive custom handcrafted molding. Not cheap wall paper that looks like it came from JC Penney. The rest of the home is ok except for the ugly furnishings and rugs. Oh and that prostitute bear laying on a heart in the foyer by the stairs that looks like something out of Teddy Ruxpin’s brothel is a hot mess!

  • Tony

    I also wanna ad that this house reminds me a lot of the Spelling Manor after Petra Ecclestone made her renovations. The Spelling Manor was very traditional and Petra infused a mix of modern with the traditional in a Candy brothers type of style similar to this. Also I wanna ad that this house isn’t totally bad. If you fix the foyer and gut the dinning room and kitchen and redo them and replace half of the furnishings then it would be a nice home. Also I think the bedroom looks pretty nice.

  • Tony

    oh and you would have to get rid of all that ugly wall paper with the circles too!

  • Teddi

    Is there such a thing as a male powder room? Or am I being sexist?

    Anyhoo, I like this house. It has me torn because it isn’t my taste, but I like the kinda funkiness in some of the accent pieces. This certainly isn’t for everyone but if you don’t have kids and you do a lot of entertaining of the glitterati, then this house works. A little reno here, a little redecoration there and you have yourself a first rate party megamansion.

    I find it funny how deceptively ordinary the exterior is. Like a preacher’s kid. Serene and unassuming but really wild inside. Also love the flow of the house. You can actually see with ease how guests would progress from one room to another. I do find three family rooms to be redundant but I’m still okay with that. Better to have 3 family rooms than 3 gift wrapping rooms like Spelling Manor. Talk about ridiculous. I don’t see anything here that looks like C&C’s handiwork and was really glad when Petra updated SM. At least it didn’t look as dowdy as it did before.

  • Tony

    I am not saying it is an exact copy of Candy brothers but it does look similar. Candy brothers usually use a mix of traditional and modern in a similar way. It looks to me like something they would do. Also I agree that the Spelling Manor looks better after Petra’s renovations. Only because the previous look was so dowdy and 80’s looking and out of date. Normally I much prefer traditional over modern but the Spelling Manor did need some updating. Only thing I don’t like is Petra went so dark with the black and white foyer and gray and dark themed rooms and it is so gothic looking. If the color scheme was a little lighter and less gothic then it would be fine.

  • Tony

    Also I agree that this house can be pretty amazing with just a little renovation. The main thing that bothered me was that foyer. Not that the foyer is something that can’t be fixed with a simple renovation. Its just that when I see something that looks this big and palatial on the outside and then see that they skimp on the foyer it really aggravates me. Any palatial mega mansion has to go all out when it comes to the foyer. When a house looks like this on the outside I expect a foyer no less intricate and detailed than that of Le Belle Vie or Fleur Dy Lys.

    • Teddi

      They didn’t skimp on the foyer and that’s pretty evident. You keep describing something that would only go in a traditional home. This is not a traditional decor. Intricate carvings and whatever else would not go to the rest of the house.

      • Tony

        This house is traditional. It is a mix of traditional and modern. And they did skimp on the foyer. This foyer looks like shit. It is a big box with cheap wall paper that looks like it came from Jc Penney. This is not quality. Now some of the floors have nice quality and some of the paneling and moldings in some of the rooms are nice quality. But that foyer is cheap tacky shit. If you can’t see that you need to go buy some taste.

        • Teddi

          Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize your opinion was the only one that matters. By the way you rattle on with multiple War and Peace length posts,even to the point of responding to yourself, I can see where you might think that. When you post where you studied design and which great person you interned under, then and only then will your opinion mean more than horseshit. Until that day comes, my opinions like my tastes will be proudly mine and will not be bullied or denigrated by the likes of you.

  • horselips

    “Her dressing loft” (!?!?). Huh? WTF is a dressing loft? She needs to climb a flight of stairs to a 1200+ Sq. Ft. room just to get dressed? This is a case of a desperate architect struggling to make some sense out of 33,000 square feet. The elevation sux. End of story. The interior is painful to behold. I’ve never seen so many impossibly ugly ceiling fixtures, or worse wall paper, let’s just cut to the chase and say it sux.

    Wealth, class and taste used to go together, a package deal, but lately there has developed an alarming disconnect. Mansions have become huge for the sake of huge, with little discernible rationale to their layout. Interior design is often cold and sterile, and sometimes, outright commercial. Pictures 17 and 18 seem inspired by an optometrist’s office. That wall of bottles looks eerily like it was converted from an eyeglass frame display, and those duplicated paired chairs in front of the duplicated glass tables looks like where the technician does the final sizing adjustments. Picture 29 could be right out of a Men’s Wearhouse or a Jos. A. Bank store. There’s no sense of ‘residential’ at all. Certainly no sense of gracious living.

    • Teddi

      Actually a dressing room loft, or a two storey closet is something many, many, many women dream about. And generally, the 2nd floor isn’t used everyday. It’s where you put things like formal gowns, winter coats and luggage. Hence the cedar closets. Those are truly dream closets. Yes, they can all be on the same level, but just as with a house, when the square footage reaches a certain point, it’s simply better to start adding a second level.

    • FerrariMan

      Let’s say your taste in architecture sux!

  • Andrew

    I like the looks from the outside, particularly the arrangement with 3 garages in a courtyard and more underground parking. The sheep on the lawn are cute too 🙂 But the arrangements of rooms are a bit weird and furnishings and decorations are just awful. Absolutely awful! Completely ruined what could’ve been a great house.

  • Emmanuel

    This mansion is the perfect house for its owner. If you put yourself in her shoes it’s hard to do better. Except for the colors and a few details I like it, especially the master suite.

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