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  • horselips

    Picture 2 looks like an apartment complex. Picture 7 looks like an underground city parking garage. (Leave your ticket stub on the dash, thank you.) The interior? From what I can see, it sux.

  • Scott

    One of the ugliest homes I’ve seen in a while. I realize that height restrictions are an issue, but really?

  • Daniel

    Ugh. If only they used this house for the final scene in Bad Boys 2 instead of the one they used in Highland Beach, FL.

  • Grrrowler

    I give a second vote for it looking like an apartment complex, and not a nice one. The word hideous comes to mind when looking at this place, but that alone isn’t a strong enough description.

  • Brian

    This is what happens when you let the plumber design the house, instead of just sticking to the plumbing trade.

  • Steve

    The floor plan, and façade aren’t as horrible as it first appears. It’s just the absence of any type of landscaping, all those horrific steps in the front instead of one large stone patio/porch with a stone rail. Coupled with a complete disregard for detail on the interior. And what’s with the fire escape stairs going up the side of the house? They either had no money, or didn’t think skimping on the details would be so noticeable.

  • James

    Picture # 2 is a joke, they couldn’t wait for a break in traffic? Actually, all the pictures are horrible, I guess the goal is to never rent the house out for Photo shoots. The comments above are not directed at you Kenny, I understand what you had to work with on this post, very little.

  • Tony

    This house is a hot mess! The exterior is ok in some ways. I like the limestone. But the roof is a hot mess. It looks weird. And for this house to be so huge and palatial on the exterior the inside looks cheap. The walls look cheap. The interior needs to look like Le Belvedere or Le Bell Vie in order to justify a completely limestone exterior. Also the interior looks too modern.

  • Sam

    You can’t try to be classy with your fancy French limestone mansion when you leave your kids’ bikes and toys laying out in the yard. Definitely ruins the cliché “I am rich and powerful, and my house is dramatic and impressive” vibe that the owners of these types of homes are trying to give off.

    And also, could they make a more hideous roof line? I know there are strict height restrictions in LA but there are better ways to execute it than this shrunken mushroom roof. So ugly. A mansard roof covering the second floor of the house, minus the entrance area would have been much more proportional and attractive in my opinion.

    The Bentley and Maybach are nice though.


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