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  • Daniel

    See, not everything that is 100 years old is pretty. The living and dining rooms are glorious but the exterior looks very odd. Front entrance looks like an afterthought.

  • Grrrowler

    The interior has some beautiful spaces (looking past the horrendous furniture that is), but the exterior is ghastly. Picture 3 makes the place look like an abandoned sanatorium. The living, entry, and dining rooms make up for that, and when you’re in those amazing rooms you don’t have to look at the exterior. I love that the stairway is in its own hall, separate from the entrance hall. As no pics of the bedrooms or bathrooms are shown, I’m curious about their condition.

  • horselips

    This is some very nice woodwork inside, and some very expensive and nice brickwork outside, but the elevation is a total loss, and like so many 2 story homes, no provision was made in the floor plan for double height ceilings in the principle rooms.

  • Andrew

    There is just one thing I like here, and that’s the entry hall. Nothing else works for me! As much as I usually like wooden floors, there’s just too much wood here for me. And the kitchen seems like a basement. Maybe the ceiling is really low or maybe it’s just a bad picture – if so, it is really bad.

  • Mak

    Koi Pond makes it all worthwhile. If there is one thing I know about money and rich people is that the really really rich love their koi. Nothing says old money and old houses like a beautiful koi pond.

  • Puresouthern

    Sanatorium is a close description. This house has potential. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the exterior. I kept staring at it. I think it is those second floor windows. A renovation choice gone wrong? They are very utilitarian. The house is imposing and needs to be softened; architectural details. There is some nice things going on here. I don’t think it’s a lost cause.

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