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  • horselips

    From what I can see from the photos, the floor plan looks like the same ol’ same ol’. The description mentions only a detached 2 car garage? The interior is much too plain, the exterior makes no sense to me, in short inside and out, this place lacks everything to be desired except sheer size.

  • Daniel

    It’s too damn symmetrical inside and out. A little variety here and there would help. The portico has terrible proportions.

  • Scott

    I have to agree with Daniel; the portico is laughable – three columns framing either end?! How does crap like this get the greenlight?!

  • Andrew

    What a horrendous mix of architectural styles!! We have a Caesars Palace entrance with some odd faux Spanish hotel looking wings either side. Who in their right mind would pay $14m for this?!??!

  • LE

    The only people that would buy this would be someone either in the entertainment field of sports athlete, basically someone who has not studied architectural elements and it focused strictly on abundance rather than style or taste.
    Case in point, four columns would have been appropriate (if one was to use columns at all on a primarily spanish style architecture) but of course six columns is more impressive based strictly on the numbers rather than purpose or style.
    Also, i agree with the comments above that the symmetry is simply too much, but someone looking for faux elegance will look at this as being a more grand design whereas a rambling style would have been more appealing, yet not necessarily as grand looking from the front.
    Unless the camera angle is too low, the roof roof is WAY WAY too flat in proportion to the size and length of the house. the peak should be at least 10-15 feet higher, but that would have cost more money and taken away from floor space. I do think the higher roof line would have made the home look much larger and less like a LaQuinta Hotel.

  • RickAce

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… oh ya… One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

    • Chris Kohler

      Yes, but this is just bland and boring by any standards. You can design and build more interesting and pretty mansions in Minecraft.

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