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  • Daniel

    Exterior is ghastly. I hate the aged-with-urine brick color. Interior looks familiar. The curtains in the dining room are a travesty.

  • Andrew

    I think it is one of the better efforts from the UK featured recently, courtains notwhithstanding 🙂 I like the simple facade – I usually do. The courtyard area is nice, too. My biggest gripe here is as usual: lack of garaging.

  • Emmanuel

    This house looks like an house by John Pope’s Octagon Developments, one of Britain’s most successful high end architect/developer. Their best house are those in their Bespoke Collection. Some are really spectacular..they put lots of efforts in the interiors of their houses.

  • Teddi

    I don’t care if it was designed by a resurrected Leonardo, why is the dining room in the basement? I can now see why Eric always says you can’t buy a house without seeing the floor plans…but really, who would have expected that? why is the dining room down there, and so completely removed from the kitchen.

    • Andrew

      Well it is a bit odd, but imagine following scenario: the owners rarely use their formal dining room – 99% of the time, including most entertaining, they just use the main kitchen/living area. In such case it makes some sort of sense to tuck the dining room away from the daily flow because most of the time it is actually a wasted space! And although it is in a ‘basement’ there are still windows – I do wonder what it is that they face, but they are definitely there. Also, it might be far away from the main kitchen but there *is* another, on the same level only a relatively short corridor away.

      • Teddi

        If you use your dining room so infrequently that it’s tucked away in the basement facing the gym, then forego having a dining room altogether. It’s preposterous. And on the rare occasions that it might get used, it’d be such a PITA coordinating the food up and down the stairs and across the width of the house that you wouldn’t bother. If they really wanted it out of the way because dinner parties are some kind of anathema, at the very least have it beneath the kitchen and install a dumb waiter. I’ve seen some ridiculous floor plans but this is beyond. If you hate entertaining that much, why build a mansion?

        • Andrew

          I seem to remember from my wilder, younger days there are many ways of entertaining that don’t necessarily require sitting around the dinner table 🙂 Whatever their reasoning, this arrangement apparently worked for the previous owners or designers. Luckily there is precious little difference between, say, drawing room and the dining room, apart from their furniture. Just put the table and chairs in the room marked on the plan as ‘drawing’ and move the sofas and bookshelves downstairs – problem solved.

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