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  • Teddi

    I can’t believe the article is putting the square footage at 11,000. What house are they looking at?

    My only question is, why have the guard houses so close together? When I read the estate had two guard houses, I assumed there were two entrances. Or an entrance gate plus an exit gate. I don’t understand what I’m seeing in the pic.

    • Andrew

      I believe you’re seeing what will become the main entrance flanked by two guard towers, one on either side. Why two? To provide better coverage and fire lines in case of frontal assault, I suppose 🙂

      • Teddi

        LOL. Well unless this estate will be a cover for the next Xavier School for Gifted Children, still not seeing the need to have two guard houses for one entrance. In any case, I can’t wait to see the finished result.

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, they got this far in construction in just a few months? How come most regular sized houses take like 8 months to a year or so to build and most mega mansions take like 5 years to build?

    • Teddi

      Because the new trend is fast tracking construction on mega mansions. Meaning a full time crew is working 24/7. There isn’t a minute of any day where something isn’t being done. If one crew is on a lunch break, a second crew is working. One crew works nights, another during the days. The end result is that a mansion that used to take 3-5 years to build are being completed in 9-18 months. Judge Judy had that done.

      • Tony

        How much more does that add to the price? Say a mansion would have cost $20 million to build in 5 years, then how much would the total be for the exact same mansion with an around the clock crew? Would the total go from $20 million to $60 million or what?

        • Andrew

          I would say nowhere near as much because the total amount of materials and labour is exactly the same, you just pay overtime rates for some of that labour (or hire illegal workers and don’t even do that). I would say it adds no more than a million or so, depending on the number of work hours required.

  • Tony

    Another thing. This house look like it could be nice or it could be a cheap tacky catastrophe. Also I hate the garage. That garage is huge and at a weird angle to the side of the house. It just looks awful.

  • horselips

    It doesn’t even look residential – more like a school, hospital, or some other commercial building.

  • Mak

    The background scenery is incredible.

  • Allen

    What they might be doing on the guardhouses is making an “entrance” and an “exit” where guests have to check in and out. I’ve seen this on mansions where I live several times. It’s also a common feature on some country clubs.

    • Teddi

      And I had assumed so too, but unless the exit lane is outside the frames of the pics, or they haven’t created it yet, I’m not seeing it.

      If I’m not mistaken, Stone Mansion has separate entrance and exit gates, but one gatehouse. I’m all for megamansions, but how much traffic could they possibly be expecting to have to require two side by side gatehouses. It isn’t a country club or an office park. I would have preferred a gatehouse at the main entrance, fixed between entrance and exit lanes/gates, and another gatehouse at a service gate. Doesn’t appear they have a service entrance, which if true, is a big mistake, since the estate is 80 acres and has horses.

      In any case, I look forward to seeing the completed project. I’m hoping for big, grand and tasteful. Fingers crossed.

      • Allen

        I agree Teddi,

        On the mansions where I have seen the two guardhouses, they are much bigger and are built for more traffic. A service gate is very important too. Who want to pull up in the Bentley and have to wait while the landscapers and food delivery vehicles check in with the guards ahead of you?

        • Andrew

          Perish the thought! I’d rather shoot myself in the head with my vintage duelling pistol than live in such shame. Service gate is a must!!! Conversely, if a delivery van should pull up to the main entrance, it must be immediately swept away in a hail of machine gun fire… that’s why they need two guard towers, you see.

  • Nick

    THANKS to Pricey Pads.

    You can mention the source, it won’t steal your fame.

    You read it there , right Forder?

    • Kenny Forder

      Pricey Pads has blogged about DOZENS of homes that we posted first….and they have not credited us. So, I’m not crediting them. Get over it.

      • Tony

        Damn Kenny, you sure told them lol. Kenny got gangsta! LOL


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