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  • Brian

    To call this interesting but baffling mansion quirky would be an understatement. Only a 3-car garage and an entrance drive bound to cause pileups, if anyone attempted a party, are some obvious issues. And a two-story butler’s pantry must be a first anywhere on earth. But at least some original design thought went into this and I would be tempted to take a serious look, if I were buying in that area.

  • Daniel

    The world’s most intriguing Buter’s Pantry (photo 6). Looks like something out of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

  • Emmanuel

    What’s that thing on photo 20? A bathroom?… Dracula’s den!

  • Dylan

    Certainly not what I was expecting from the exterior, but I like it. Major points for not being the typical Greenwich/New England colonial.

  • Ally

    I’m also baffled by this home….it has a very traditional exterior, but the inside seems to go from traditional to contemporary to castle Gothic. The dining room is super traditional but the living room is a contemporary black and white theme..uggh! The two story butlers pantry is a waste of space, which seems to be another example of poor space allocation in this home. I could go on but the bottom line is this house seems to be a contradiction

  • ZigZagBoom

    Good heavens. The state motto ought to be “Connecticut – Where the Best Architectural Intentions Go Way Off the Rails”. 10 freakin acres and they couldn’t figure out that stately driveways are supposed to be 2 way? Guests arriving for parties is going to be like something out of a film from the Fast and Furious Franchise, as directed by Fellini. That bathroom looks like a setting for an eastern European porno. And the butler’s pantry/loggia combination is so arriviste, I can just hear the Dowager Countess asking “is it supposed to be like a department store? Can I take something home with me?” But the blonde bimbo wife of a hedge fund billionaire who buys it will probably be happy to have a place to show off her Thomas Kincaid figurines collection, or something.

    “Major points for not being the typical Greenwich/New England colonial.” Major points in quirkiness, yes. For anything else, no.

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