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  • Daniel

    I really like the approach and the exterior in general. Interior is nothing to write home about. Wish it had a bit more originality.

  • mak

    “european”? Lolz

  • Koko

    Even for McLean this is not worth even close to the asking price. More like $4M…

  • Eric2

    Are… Are those FLOOR PLANS? On an AMERICAN House???
    Quick everyone duck! Pigs are going to be flying over head any moment!


    OK so, first off, have to say I am surprised at this house, its “European” design (chuckle) Is not THAT bad. It’s, like someone built a house after HEARING about lots of Old English houses without actually seeing any. All in all it COULD be a lot worse…

    A Quick break down…
    I know it is a personal thing, but huge Garages that are attached to the house always seem like big wastes of space. If you want a big garage have it detached from the house or connected by a breezeway or something. Not chewing up “real” house space.

    In terms of the rest of the house…
    Loving the “flow” of the house, having duel stair cases is a nice break from a lot of these houses that seem to have only one BIG stair case and relay on an elevator to provide another means of going up and down. The face that the stairs go down to the basement as well as up to 2nd floor is nice.

    ALl in all I have it say “Good Effort” a bit over priced a 8.5 mil, BUT so SO much nicer then many other “Mc Mansions” we’ve been seeing.

    Eric the “Architecture Curmudgeon”`

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