$75 Million 32,000 Square Foot Mega Mansion In Russia | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Eric2

    You know I always look forward to Russian Mansions… They are either laughably over the top, or “Not Horrible”

    This one, I actually quite like in terms of the “not horrible” side of things.
    And you always have to say this, it is Rare that these Russian mansions ever “Look cheap” Weather end up being horrific or awesome, they always seem to have had a great deal of effort and detail put into their construction.

  • Daniel

    $75 million and not an ounce of gold anywhere. Complete failure, *especially* for Russia.

  • Eric2

    yeah I wonder where exactly that 75 Million is going…
    I know I mentioned on the fact that Russians tend not to build “Cheap’ Mansions like most Americans, that they actually put craftsmanship into them… But even so, something like this I’d say 30 million tops in construction material…

    Perhaps 75Mill is the “Padded” Amount? After all isn’t it Russian tradition these days to say “It will cost 100mil” and then build something for half that?

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