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  • The elevation is magnificent – this would be a great little guest house snuggled in the woods around Vaux Le Vicomte or some other “ancien regime” chateau. Inside, another story. It appears the owner has acquired the big black monolith from “2001 A Space Odyssey,” Kryloned it green, and stuck it in his living room. WTF.

  • ZigZagBoom

    This is about as French as my high school French was French, but for the standards of Hedgefundlandia, it’s actually not bad. No forward facing garage or huge ugly garage bump? Check. Forecourt for guests to alight from their limousines? Check. Quality building materials? Apparently. General lack of ridiculous horticultural contrivances to block and obscure the facade? Check. However 8,300 sq. ft. is actually small for that market and the interior almost looks cramped for something over 5 million that’s not in a downtown. It must not be very deep because it looks over 10K sq. ft.

  • Barney

    AAAARRRRGH!!! ONLY TWELVE interior pics out of THIRTY?!? I’m an independent photographer that specializes in high-to-very-high-end real estate and I know for a fact that Realtor.com can accommodate a good number more than just 30 shots. I act as an informal Assistant to a lot of my Selling-Agent Clients and load photos in the MLS’s and it DRIVES ME NUTS when any Agent (who doesn’t have me shoot for them, obviously 🙂 has as many superfluous and embarrassing repeats as this Agent does. It shows a clear inattention to detail and very poor eye to photography and the overall presentation of this VERY expensive estate. The house should’ve ONLY been shot on a totally sunny day and at least 18 or more of the pics should’ve been of the interior, without the shadow of a doubt. What’s even more unbelievable & astounding is that somehow through Seller carelessness or whatever, all the poor pics I mentioned STAY ON the net for entirely too long, entirely too often. A true internet assessment of the interior of the house literally can not be made due to the unacceptable quality of the shots, dearth of interior pics and complete lack of any supplemental virtual tour or slideshow. This Sellers of this home or the Agent’s Broker should be VERY displeased and have this corrected PRONTO.

  • John G.

    Good bones. Totally could be worked into something up-to-date without spending 2 million more to flush it all out. Worth the price, for once. At least for Greenwich.

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