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  • Puresouthern

    Calling this Neoclassical is an insult to neoclassicism everywhere. Every time you post pictures, I try to ignore the décor and look at the bones of the house. (unless it is the Crespi Hicks estate, then I drool over everything) Here I try to move past the décor and then want to go hide my eyes back in the décor. :/

    • Daniel

      Thank you. This home was yearning to be another Mediterranean and they decided to stick a portico on the front of it. Ft Lauderdale really has some of the strangest homes in South Florida.

      • Puresouthern

        OK, I think you edited because you said something about the family room; I actually like this feature of the Juliet balconies. However, when they did them in a stained wood against the while/cream kitchen it broke up the family room. (chopped it up) This if done right could have been a very pretty, unique feature of the house.

  • Teddi

    What’s really strange is that the listing says it cost $10 million to build. Where did that money go? I don’t see it.

  • horselips

    I’m not thrilled with the main living room, but the rest of the rooms are quite nicely done. As for the faux Greek revival elevation, tell you what – I’ll take that Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade parked out front, thank you very much.

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