$6.1 Million 12,000 Square Foot Mediterranean Mansion In Pinecrest, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    Eh, not bad.. Can’t find anything offensive about it.

    • o2

      It’s Meh, not Eh.
      Thanks for another daily dose of humor.

      • Daniel

        It’s whatever the fuck I want it to be. “Meh” and “Eh” are two different expressions of indifference.

        • o2

          Too funny.
          Not only is your commentary beyond inane, but your mastery of the English language, is even worse. HAHA.

          • Daniel

            This coming from the person who used the phrase “the pastiche of a moneyed class”…

  • Teddi

    Hahaha. So instead of commenting on the house in question, your purpose here is…what? To dictate what expressions a person can use in their comments. Good use of time. Personally, I’ve never met a single person who says ‘meh’, on the other hand, I know many who use ‘eh’. I’m not getting why you would feel the need to start an argument about it, but eh, to each his own.

    As for the house, I like it. There is nothing about it that is architecturally egregious. Chic and elegant in some places. Boring and forgettable in others. Huge outdoor entertaining space very suitable for Florida and a lovely pool. It’s one of those homes with very few missteps, a lot of very nice elements and absolutely no wow factor.

  • horselips

    I really like the open kitchen-keeping room-bar-teppanyaki grill with surround seating-whatever else you call that combination of rooms run together. No monumental rooms to behold, nothing offensive or tacky, just a big-ass house dedicated to casual living and non-stop entertaining. Not the worst lifestyle…

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