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  • sean

    Ahh the McCourt Estate. This is one of several homes Jamie McCourt won in the divorce from former Dodger Owner Frank McCourt. They used to own the house directly next door as well, for their guests. The indoor pool was recently added as you can see in some google, bing images

  • Tony

    I believe the Mccourts bought this home from BabyFace. How come you left out all these details Kenny? Also I think this is pretty old news. I read about this on Realestalker.blogspot.com a while ago lol.

    • Kenny Forder

      I obviously didn’t know that about the house, otherwise I would have 😛 Oh, Realestalker….HA 😉

      • Tony

        That’s cool. Sorry if I came across rude or anything lol. Its just that you are usually in the know so I was just surprised you weren’t aware of the celebrities connected to this home.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    There’s nothing as reasonable as a $ 30 million profit in a state that is losing businesses by the day, and that is on the verge of a financial catastrophe, eh? The good lady ought to add a few more million to the asking price to make it even more attractive . . .

    • John

      “verge of financial catastrophe”…a bit dramatic eh?

      Perhaps you’re unaware or ill informed, but California actually has a surplus. In fact, it’s the largest surplus in about a decade. It’s also one of the top 10 largest economies in the World.

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