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  • jdubble07

    Newly listed? It’s been listed for the same price since September 2010 without even a $1 drop in price.

  • horselips

    This home is the same price and about the same size as the dwelling in The Woodlands, Texas, listed immediately prior, and I find it superior in every way – architecturally, decoration and furnishings. The gigantic shoe collection reveals a consuming foot fetish. Imelda Marcos – reincarnated.

  • Koko

    Indeed…same price for several years…??WTF? Somebody here is playing a game that they know have been losing for years and years…$5.9M for this is too much and nobody will pay that – the proof is there in their eyes!

  • Emmanuel

    Picture #13 shows this hiuse has low ceilings. The upper elements of the bed can’t even conveniently fit into the room. How many feet/inches is this ceiling high? 5.9 million $ for this is just overpriced.

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