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  • Daniel

    Reminds me of some gaudy 1970s embassy.

  • Teddi

    Can’t seem to wrap my brain around a 40,000sf condo. Especially since mansion houses/estates that size are a rarity, and those that are usually include basements and separate guest houses/pool houses etc, to account for the high square footage. 13,000sf per floor means each floor is it’s own mansion. Unreal.

    Such a shame the decor is so tacky. Took the thrill away from seeing a condo this immense.

  • Tony

    Hey I left a comment on this post the other day and its not here. Anyway, I said something to the effect that this home should have at least 12 bedrooms in 40,000 square feet. Only 4 bedrooms in 40,000 square feet? That’s crazy. Also it should have at least 6 staff rooms. 2 maids can’t clean 40,000 square feet. You need at least 4 maids, a butler, a house manager and full time security if you have a 40,000 square foot home. I think you may even need more than 6 staff rooms, maybe more like 8 rooms just for staff alone. Also a lot of the rooms don’t look scaled right. It looks like the size of the rooms overwhelm the furniture. Maybe it just needs a decorator to re-do the furnishings or something. But the rooms shouldn’t overpower the furniture. If you look at a home like Fleur Dy Lys which is the same size or maybe bigger than this, it is scaled and furnished in a way that the furniture fills up the rooms instead of the rooms looking big and empty.

  • Brandon

    Impressed with the size of this building, actually a cover those in Rio de Janeiro would cost somewhere around R$ 50 or 60 million Reais, about U.S. $ 35 million dollars.
    But really this bad French decor, everything is over with an amazing apartment, the size and proportions.

  • Emmanuel

    The faux classical French interior is horrible. It’s so kitsch, so bling bling…And as Tony says how can you have only four bedrooms in a monstruosity like this one?

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