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  • Eric2

    Ok, I will skip spending a page on how absurdly over priced this mess is, and instead go after what an immense disappointment the interior is…

    Looking at the first two pictures of the outside, this is yet ANOTHER house in which I looked at it, held my breath and said “This COULD be wonderful!” and had my hopes dashed against a jagged blood encrusted rock!

    I mean, look at the outside for a moment… Landscaping! Secluded gardens and private areas! A wonderfully private pool and pool house! And the main house which has avery traditional exterior look to it! This has “Estate” written all over it!
    And we know how much I love ‘true’ estates!

    And then… then the inside?

    Gaudy Gilded Gold.
    Eye searing whites.
    And tacky TACKY wall paper as far as the eye can see!

    It, COULD have been wonderful… And it so was not…

    Eric The “Architecture Curmudgeon”

    • Andrew

      I won’t bother saying anything, you nailed it 🙂

  • Emmanuel

    Architecturally, great home by Robert A M Stern. In New york City his building, 15 Central Park West, is Manhattan most soughyt after residential building. The Dean of the Yale School of architecture is one of the greatest in his field. But as said in the previous posts in this case the owners and their interior designer destroyed Stern’s plans and vision. The result is a mess…sad.

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