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  • Daniel

    It’s a nice house. Living spaces look very large. Definitely needs some warmth though. Too stark as-is.

    • Andrew

      Very nice, clean and just warm enough for me. I suspect what you’d call ‘warm’ I’d consider ‘cluttered’ 🙂

      • Daniel

        Probably. However, I do like mid-century modern and desert contemporary, which tend to not be cluttered. I think a traditional home deserves a bit more ornamentation, or at the very least, more personality.

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, is this home in Bel Air? Or just plain ole Los Angeles?

  • Tony

    I think this house is in Holmby Hills or Bel Air. It is literally walking distance from the home Michael Jackson died in and it is practically walking distance from Fleur Dy Lys and the former Walt Disney estate. I knew this home was too expensive to be outside of the Platinum Triangle.

  • Emmanuel

    35 millions? Nice try! I would not even give 20 millions for this…

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