$3.9 Million 17,000 Square Foot Mansion In New Lenox, IL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    Let’s face it, no house is perfect unless you win the lottery and design it yourself, but this is a very lovely home. The variety of styles offered in the different rooms is refreshing. Nicely furnished, nicely done.

  • ZigZagBoom

    Good God – to design a house with such pretentions of grandeur and then to make guests walk across almost the entire front facade to get to the entrance. The other house I commented on recently at least got things a little more correct: http://homesoftherich.net/2014/05/8-95-million-stone-shingle-colonial-in-weston-ct/#comments
    In at at least _one_ car could deliver a VIP to the front door. It would have to back out, but at least it could get there! I could kind of understand if this were on a 1/4 acre urban lot and only one egress point was allowed, but this just looks like the builder was incredibly stingy with pavement. Maybe we will soon see the ultimate apotheosis of American suburban home design: no more front doors. They’re a security risk! Everyone enters through the garage!

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