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  • horselips

    At some point, these mega mansions begin to look alike. Same ol’ centuries old Yuruhpean elevation, same ol’ staircase + balcony foyer, same ol’ columned hallway fronting the living room, same ol’ gigantic fireplace, same ol’ chandeliers, paneling, moldings, marble bathrooms, focal-point bathtubs, etc., ad nauseum.

    Don’t get me wrong, when it’s done right like it was in the previous post in Sugar Land, Texas, it rules and owns, and I am shocked and awed… and in love with it.

    But it’s a lot harder to pull off with under $6 million than it is with $12 million. The Sugar Land house is actually a bit smaller than this one, but beyond that there’s absolutely no comparison. One is simply gorgeous, the other is overwhelming.

    If a builder and an interior decorator want my multi-millions, they’ll have to either resurrect a different old, or invent a totally new genre of elevation and ornamentation. “Modern” and “Post-modern”doesn’t cut it. I still insist on craftsmanship and artistry. Perhaps we need to look deeper into, and adapting Mayan, Egyptian, Mycenaean, Cretan, Klingon, Ferengi, Vulcan -whatever- just something different. And then I woke up.



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