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  • Puresouthern

    Gaudy. I have nothing more to add. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    The interior of this house is incredible, but probably too over the top for most people…The foyer and kitchen would give many people a headache because of the extreme detail. At least the exterior looks great, and the swimming pool is really cool.

    • Bill

      The kitchen gives me a headache because it’s not user-friendly. Every thing is just too dang far away from everything else and making a catered meal would be akin to running a marathon.

  • Andrew

    Outside the left wing of this home clashes with the right wing, while neither agrees with the middle part. Interiors could be used to illustrate, point by point, the book someone should write someday: “Don’t confuse crass with class”.

  • Daniel

    How can you take someone seriously when you have a home like this?

  • Grrrowler

    The phrase “More money than taste” leaps to mind.

  • Bill

    Tell us the truth…..this is 3 different houses photoshopped together into 1, right?

  • Linda

    I kinda like it. It’s certainly over the top, but in a fun way. Whomever brings up the floor plans for this place will have my eternal gratitude.

  • Teddi


  • horselips

    Who’s kidding whom – this is a classic palace, exquisite in every detail. The craftsmanship lavished throughout is breathtaking. I seen listings here for 3 times the price that can’t compare. The self-important poor might call it gaudy, the envious might say it is over the top, but just like the most elegant and florid baroque music, and the most exclusive automobiles, and the Imperial Easter Eggs of Faberge are all triumphant expressions of brilliant creativity and unsurpassed execution, this home, especially the interior, is an monument to architectural design and imagination. I love it.

    • Teddi

      Well perhaps you can love it without trying to insult those who don’t. But I do love how you assume that anyone who finds it gaudy must be poor. Now who’s being judgmental and self important? You know what they say about people who assume, don’t you?

      I’m not poor and I’m well educated; I love ridiculously expensive automobiles and find Faberge eggs exquisite, and yet, I think this house is simply too over the top. Even worse is that though the craftsmanship is wonderful, the entire thing screams nouveaux riche. From the moment a person walks through the front door, the house is yelling at the guests that the owners have money and demand that the visitors recognize that fact. This looks like something a “Real Housewife” would have built if any of them had money. Individual elements are wonderful; altogether it’s too much.

      • Puresouthern

        The House Wives are a good comparison; the Jersey ones at that.
        As for Horseface…pfft. I’ve never seen someone type so much and say so little. I never pay it much attention. You probably shouldn’t either. There is a rule somewhere about feeding trolls…
        A monument to architecture design and imagination? Now I have read it all. Will someone please direct the twit to the Crespi/ Hicks estate, so
        they can see what good taste and a monument to architecture looks like.

        • horselips

          Crespi-Hicks is gorgeous on the outside, but I actually like this house better on the inside.

        • Teddi

          Jersey or Atlanta. No one in either place has any taste. This strikes me as something Kim Zolciak would gush over. Need I say any more than that? Showy, pretentious, overly done…you can see why I referenced the housewives.
          I believe a home can have a wow factor to it, and still manage to be classy, elegant and unpretentious. A house hits that sweet spot (imo) when they can successfully marry the two. This one went well wide of that. Even the family room looks unnecessarily formal, which defeats the entire point of having a family room.

          • Puresouthern

            Agreed Teddi, that is why I referenced Crespi Hicks. It was so tastefully done but not over the top. It was classy, elegant inside and out. I get what you are saying. Yes, Atlanta could be included. UGH. Everyone should subscribed to; less is more. IMHO.

        • Ivan

          Puresouthern, we can’t classified what is the good taste or bad taste. Everyone will say “GOOD TASTE” if something fits to his/her personal taste and “BAD TASTE” if it doesn’t.

  • John L.

    I was that there was a way to unsee it!

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    Opinions are like parts of the anatomy that we do not refer to in decent company – everyone has them. The house is nicely built, but Sugarland is also in the floodplain. If a levee near it breaks, expect the house to become a flashy underwater monument. Some home insurers like Ameriprise don’t cover homes in Sugarland and neighboring areas for this reason. Something to remember before you plonk down $ 12 million plus to buy a home there.

    • Teddi

      Wow. Well that’s not good. Maybe that’s why you’re getting so much house for a relatively small price.

  • Spleenking

    This is what you get when you have a lot of money but not much else.


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