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  • Puresouthern

    I love the outside, it’s a graceful looking house. Not exciting, but nice. I do question the placement of the garage doors. I really love the inside of this house and I’m not a contemporary person. I am struggling with the fact that the inside and the outside belong to the same house. This would be a house I would walk in and then walk right back out to make sure that I didn’t get transported somewhere else. They do this in Europe and I just don’t get it. If you want a contemporary house build a contemporary house. :/

  • nalin

    that office is amazing. i actually kinda like how the exterior and interior are totally different styles

  • horselips

    From the air, only the tennis court tells me this palace was built in 2012 and not 1712. I have no problem with garage doors being anywhere, after all, automobiles are as much a part of modern life as indoor plumbing, and if the garage doors are seen from the front, you get to leave them open so arriving guests can be overwhelmed by your magnificent collection of luxury and high performance machines. Let them eat cake.

    Gray is one of my favorite colors. I drive a gray car (they call it silver), and I like gray skies, gray clothes, gray people, whatever. But this interior is a bit too gray. And too much a captive of modern décor, which is to take a neutral color or two for a base, and then relieve it with clever lighting, accent walls and occasional shocking focal points of contrasting color, in this case, a lot of red and black. No need for craftsmanship, skillful carving of wood and plaster window and door frames, moldings and paneling. The excuse of “modern” allows one to dispense with arches, vaults, pillars and pilasters, banisters, balustrades and railing, murals, mosaics, etched or stained glass, recessed and decorated ceilings, patterned marble flooring, or any other indication that the designer ever gave a damn. Just color and lighting. The office is OK, most of the rest is ruthless. Cold blooded. Not for my $17,250,000. Even if I had it.

  • John G

    Total gut and rehab. This isn’t Moscow.

  • Luke

    I saw photo #13 and got excited that someone may have finally installed an escalator in their home. Surely, some rich and lazy bastard has done that by now…

    • Puresouthern

      LOL. I was like, ” what in the hell is he talking about?” I had to go back and look, it does look like an escalator. There is your assignment Kenny; find us a home with an escalator. 😛

    • horselips

      Since elevators are OK, what would be wrong with an escalator? Perfect for a handicapped owner or resident who isn’t quite wheelchair bound. Everything else in the house is electric – why not the staircase as well? While we’re at it, since we have powered steel shutters, electric door locks, central vacs, vibrating beds, jet powered bathtubs, computer and sensor controlled lighting, climate control and security features, why not go full retard and install power windows and power doggie doors?

  • Teddi

    The incongruity isn’t the only thing that sucks, but I’ll start there. Why build a house with the most traditional exterior possible only to pair it with the completely contemporary interior. What’s the point. It’s just as awful as if a house had a modern exterior but the inside was filled with Roman columns, Persian rugs and Queen Anne furniture. I’m for continuity and flow. Wow me, don’t shock me. Not to mention the entire main floor in that overwhelmingly gray. Reminds me of a drab and dreary day. It’s like the house is depressed and needs a Paxil script. Sunny and cheerful on the outside, morose and gloomy on the inside. A $17 million house with an identity crisis.

    • Puresouthern

      Totally agree. Identity crisis, that’s a good description. I, however, do like the interior (despite the gray) They have lots of pop of color and the little girls room is to die for. I like continuity too, so I get it. Like I said in my post, if you want a contemporary house, build one.

  • Tony

    This is hideous. I hate houses that looks grand and traditional on the outside and then cheap and modern on the inside. This looks a hot mess. It has that cheap Candy Brother’s look. Also what’s up with the rederings? Kenny, half the photos on your site are renderings. What happened to real photos?

  • Tony

    As for escalators. Those are too dangerous to have in a home. A kid could lose a finger or a foot in an escalator and even if the person that builds the home has no children they will have a harder time selling the home cause for one an escalator is already tacky but most people with childen wouldn’t want to deal with the danger of an escalator in their home 24/7.

  • tay

    I remember driving by this when it was being built, definitely very imposing from the street and especially with the garage layout, so hopefully they landscaped it well and made it more private… As for the interior that can always be fixed. Most people in this price range either don’t care and will leave it that way for the sake of owning a mansion with a prestigious address, or tear it all up and start new.

  • Shiningstar

    What a ruse!! Classic Georgian Colonial exterior with an angular contemporary interior!?
    What, did they have to meet some neighborhood requirements to build in that area, but made the interior to their liking anyway?

  • Jeff

    The classic Georgian exterior is betrayed by the contemporary interior?! I just can’t accept that. What was the architect thinking. Maybe, fit it in with old world Greenwich, but add a NYC skyscraper interior?

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