$16.3 Million Newly Listed Plantation Style Mansion In Nashville, TN | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Puresouthern

    I saw this one the other day. This is stunning. This is one I wish you could get a floor plan on.

  • Daniel

    I like most of this. First thing to do would be that green marble in photo 7. Otherwise, it’s a very grand home. I could picture an older couple living here, the wife with hair rivaling Cher (Taller the hair, the closer to God) and the husband an old rascal with a white curly mustache and pastel suits.

  • Andrew

    I think there’s a nice house somewhere in there, buried under an avalanche of frills, ornaments, courtains and nick-nacks.

    • o2

      You hit it right on the head.
      The other issue, for me, is the staircase. Nice idea, piss poor execution. For $16+M in Tennessee, I don’t want to see neighbors.

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