Location: France

Square Footage: 10,763 (main house)

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 10 bedrooms & N/A bathrooms (main house)

Price: Available Upon Request

This 15th Century castle is located in France and was built in 1453. It is classified as a historical monument. It features approximately 10,763 square feet of living space with 10 bedrooms, two living rooms, two dining rooms, kitchen and a library. There is also a separate guesthouse that features 6 bedrooms, living room, dining room kitchen and garages. The grounds feature formal gardens and a river. 


  • horselips

    With no interior images in photos or the video, I must conclude that despite attempts at modernization and updating, this marvelous anachronism must of necessity leave much to be desired. 1453 was quite a year. The Turks were storming Constantinople, and the Hundred Years War France fought with England was just ending when this manor was constructed. The Black Death had peaked only a hundred years before and was still petering out here and there, and the country was devastated of both numbers and talent. France had little of the wealth it would generate 2 centuries later. That this place was built at all, given the political, military, economic, and demographic crises of the times, is a tribute to man’s irrepressible optimism and determination. For that reason alone, I’ll give it 5 stars.


  • Bill

    In other words, the present owners just spend all their time keeping the grounds and landscaping well-maintained?