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  • Sean

    Uuuugh. So sick of British houses looking like this garbage. We have so much beautiful architecture and history here and nobody seems to care, they just throw these copy and past borefests together.

    I would spend years getting the grain of the paneling just right and finding the perfect shade of limestone and marble if I were building a mansion. Every UK house I’ve seen built recently has been totally vile.

    Just realised its in Oxshott which is about 5 minutes from Chelsea’s training ground. It’s obviously aimed at some brain dead footballer who wouldn’t know style if it bit them on the arse.

  • Daniel

    Well, at least it’s very clean.

  • ally

    Before I even read where this house was located, I immediately knew it was somewhere in the UK. Why do most of the new homes built in the UK have a beautiful classic, TRADITIONAL exterior..but the interiors are OVER-THE-TOP contemporary, nightclubish looking..ugghh!!!!

  • Spleenking

    I like it.

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