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  • Andrew

    Beautiful interiors, fantastic view. Good location, probably. But I can’t say I like the house itself, the proportions and shape seem… odd.

  • Daniel

    Former home of the US ambassador to France….lucky schmuck. Photo 5 pretty much sums up the dreamy lifestyle.

    • Andrew

      yeah, diplomats know how to take care of themselves, only the best will do and why not? it costs them nothing after all, we’re paying for it.

      • Andrew

        … and why did the American diplomat need a residence in Core d’Azur anyway? I’m pretty certain the French government is located in Paris, not on the beaches.

      • Grrrowler

        It wasn’t an official residence of the Ambassador, but a house privately-owned by an ambassador. The ambassador in question, David K. E. Bruce, was son-in-law to Andrew Mellon so I don’t think having a villa in the south of France was anything out of the ordinary for him.

        As for the villa itself, I love it.

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