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  • Daniel

    The pool and view are outstanding, but I would never find this style of architecture exciting. Thus, I would never be able to justify the (supposed) asking price…or even a third of it.

  • stuart

    Exterior looks like a Mall.

  • Sam

    Does the house come with the pool?

  • Daniel

    If you go to the Christies site, this property is grouped between a $65 million and a $76.5 million house. So probably $70 million ask for this….insane.

    • Teddi

      It’s Naples. No price surprises me in Naples. They are all insane.

  • Tony

    I like the house. Its not exactly my architectural style preference. But it looks like a lot of work went into it. I like the stone work. It looks like real limestone but I am not sure but I would think it is based on the price. I think the price is too high though. I’d barely be willing to pay that price for Palm Beach. I’d never pay that much for Naples. Who gives a crap about Naples??

    • Teddi

      THANK YOU!!! That’s what I’ve bee saying forever. There is nothing in Naples that justifies these home prices. It’s hard enough to get a house to sell for $60 million in PBC, but at least PBC has the social clout to justify it. Other than Naples being pretty, I don’t get it.

  • GeorgeL

    I think its at approximately 4489 Gordon Drive on Google street view.

  • Geraldine

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