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  • Daniel

    A Mulsanne *and* a Flying Spur? Pointless. A nice house but typical Newport Coast. I would not be able to pay the asking price and know that dozens of other people in the same neighborhood essentially got the same damn thing. A billion dollar cookie-cutter community (with an admittedly nice view) and nothing more.

    • Sam

      I was going to make the EXACT same comment about the Bentleys. I guess I wasn’t quick enough.

      • Teddi

        I would have thought one was for the mister, and one was for the missus.

  • andi

    Great views, but at these prices, I would want 1.5-3 acres minimum. It’s a great view, but what is there to do in NP? I guess you could drive down to the beach, it’s not that close so you can’t walk or ride a bike because yout trip home would be all up hill. So little culture out there and people spend so much time driving around in their cars to get anywhere. NPC is particularly isolated from everything except the highway. The house is fine, if not rather unspectacular. I’d prefer a pool at least 50 feet long for house this size and at this price it should probably include a tennis court and another acre of land. I can not believe the asking price. seems rather high for this place.

  • Koko

    🙂 Yes gents – in agreement with all of the above. So typical for California to show off garages with toy cars…and not one or two…What’s with this exagerate and sick display of opulence???

    • Daniel

      Oh, I don’t mind the fact that the owner loves his/her cars. I just don’t get why they chose the two Bentley’s. It’d be like someone buying a 458 spider and a California spider. Pointless.

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