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  • Daniel

    I guess the city of Yorba Linda is struggling if it needs to sell its convention center…

  • Tony

    Besides the obvious wow factor of the picture of the front of the home that is on the floor, I don’t like a lot. Is pic 6 shows, the Marriott carpet is a fine touch. I’m sure there is some designer out there that can make it work by changing nearly everything. And a party house like this should be more private.

  • Grrrowler

    Three words: Bulldoze and subdivide.

  • Koko

    Great place for a middle eastener…to offshore some loot…look at #12. I already see the jet landing with a harem… 🙂

    • John

      Wow, your racism is sickening.

  • Spleenking

    Spend a little more on the camera to take better pictures.

  • andi

    IMO one of the biggest eye sores in the OC. Literally, the thing is huge and looks like an office building from afar. The views are amazing, nothing like looking down upon endless suburban sprawl to make you feel rich?

  • nate

    It’s barely in the OC…if that’s any recompense

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