16,000 Square Foot Newly Built Contemporary Estate In Bel Air, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Sam

    Sorry but nothing beats 1201 Laurel Way in Beverly Hills when it comes to contemporary houses.

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, any idea on the price??

  • Emmanuel

    I am not a big fan of residential contemporary architecture, but I like this house. Rooms are spacious with lots of natural light -the living room on picture 3 is stunning and I love the master bedroom-. The size of the mansion is just right and well thought, grand enough but not excessive and that landscaping is well designed and very inviting…

    • Andrew

      I agree with most of your points (except I don’t find the living room particularly stunning) yet as a whole it feels flat somehow. Boring, rectangular. Like a motel in parts. I can see it ticks many of the right boxes and I like modern architecture when it’s done with style and flair, but this house has neither.

  • Daniel

    Terribly boring.

  • c

    Estate 4 has several other projects coming forth.

    This is rumored to be asking $55m ( Cough – ridiculous – cough ).


  • Jonathan

    Hey Check out the site for floorplans.


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