$16.8 Million Newly Listed Mansion In Beverly Hills, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Tony

    Eww, this is in Beverly Park South. Any Beverly Hills snob would turn their nose up at this. Especially at this price. A lot of the best homes in Beverly Park North have sold within the last few years for between $12 million and $19 million. I think the home that Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy and her fiance Michael Strahan were recently renting in Beverly Park sold a few years back for only approximately $12 million (all though its been put back on the market recently for I think around $22 million). Also Lisa Vanderpumps huge mansion in Beverly Park North sold recently for only $19 million. So I wouldn’t pay over $16 million to live in Beverly Park South.

  • Daniel

    Really nothing special.

  • Chris

    The exterior is pretty.

  • Grrrowler

    For someone who wants to say they live in Beverly Hills, or Beverly Park for that matter, but doesn’t care about having something special, this is perfect.


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